Printable 2020 Calendar Template

An annual 2020 Calendar is primarily a 12-month calendar on a single page. On this site, we are providing multiple templates to bring back the lost sharpness of daily planning. Spending a few minutes on this site would be quite helpful in understanding the cause and solution.

Printable 2020 Calendar would help to calculate the tax in a fiscal year. Having 12 consecutive months begin from January to December brings a full overview for better understanding. Keeping an eye on each detail throughout the year would help to calculate tax, whether personal or professional. It has been made in a way to match personal and business objectives.

Yearly Calendar 2020

Different types of businesses exist in the world. As far as seasonal business is concerned, the expenses and income month will be different. For example, March, April, and May maybe expenses month then, October, November, and December would be income month. This Calendar 2020 show the big picture of all that month in a single sheet. Overall it is a good thing all the business in detail calculation of budgets. Taxpayers can also calculate the taxable amount in the fiscal year set by the government.

Our free calendars are for personal use and not for any commercial usage on websites in any form. If you are sharing any content or graphic for informative purposes, give us proper credit. You must link back to our website so that users can reach this platform. Remove and Edit of the watermark is strictly prohibited in any manner.

Printable 2020 Calendar Template

2020 Calendar
2020 Calendar

All templates can be obtained in the format of JPEG, PNG, or JPG. The value of using the calendar in any format is for remembering and recalling anything on a particular month, week, or day. It can be kept in front of the office desk to track daily activities. Quickly figure out which works have done and which are pending on a vital day, and find out every detail for better planning. If you are arranging a meeting, so set up a reminder on the phone or laptop that prevents missing that important meeting as well save time from employing in unproductive work. As per preference and use, anyone can take any sheet for free. 

What is unique in the Year 2020?

According to the Gregorian calendar, this 2020 year is a leap year starting from Wednesday, ending with Thursday. It is the last year of the decade. To know more about events and holidays, visit here.

This 2020 year is unique, on being the match of first two-digit with second two-digit. It is going to be memorable, exceptional, and historical for babies who will be born this year. Apart from this, it would be an excellent opportunity to enjoy parties every month.

Future Predictions for the Year 2020

A famous futurist and science writer Arthur C. Clarke believed that the wooden house of 19 century would be reduced gradually, and we would have a flying home by the 21 century that can move anywhere across the world. Clarke died on March 19, 2008; he was widely known as a co-writer of a movie screenplay, A Space Odyssey, which is one of the most influential movies of all time. We recommend  this movie  to know about the cast, writing, and development of the movie.

As you all know, we live on earth, and there is no possibility of life on another planet. However, in 1997, a renowned magazine predicted that 2020 would be a year when people would arrive mars. Although that time, all countries in the world support this expedition. However, NASA has forecast that dreaming of putting human will be fulfilled from 2030.

We will have an animal employee by the year 2020, it sounds weird isn’t. In 1994, a global think tank, the RAND Corporation which contributed to the developing of the internet predicted for the animal employees. However, the animal can’t work manually like a human being. However, few species of animals can be trained, for example, apes. Visit this site to know how animals are being used in different kinds of work.

2020 Calendar Cute
2020 Calendar Cute

We generally use annual timeline for task management but most of the girls wish to have Floral 2020 Calendar. Our little ones also like colorful things, therefore here we have collected many multipurpose templates that can be used as decorative piece such as Cute 2020 Calendar.

What do you know about The 2020 Summer Olympics?

The Summer Olympic game is going to be organized in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. It is an opportunity for world athletes to show on the world stage. Here, we have discussed some interesting and unknown facts about the 2020 Summer Olympic.

As of now, Japan has hosted three Olympic Games in 1964, 1972, and 1998. After 2020, it will become the third-most frequent Olympic host country in history behind America and France. Besides, if you live in Asia, you must know it is the second of three straight games hosted in Asia.

You will be surprised to know that this 2020 Olympics is one of the rare events of the year. The estimated cost is around 6.8 billion dollars, and in the future, it may be increased. Also, the stadium is too expensive in the shape of the turtle, which created controversy in the whole world.

As far as the specification of the medal is concerned, the diameter and thickness are 85 and 7.7mm, respectively. The weight of gold, silver, and bronze are 556, 550g, and 450g, respectively. The composition of the gold medal is more than 6 grams of gold plating on pure silver. The silver medal is made up of silver. The third and last medal is bronze, which is made up of red brass 95% copper and 5% zinc. Do you know who will design the 2020 Olympic medal? Junichi Kawanishi is the man behind the designing of the medal. Take the help of Google to know more details about him.

Facts Behind Inclusion of January and February 

Initially, January and February were not included in the calendar, and there were only ten months exists varied from 20 to 35 days. After lots of difficulties in the calculation, January and February were given 29 and 23 days, respectively. According to the lunation, after sometimes length of the month separated from lunation and fixed again. February was updated with extensions of five days, which make it 28 days; from that day, no change has been made, and February is known for 28 days.

Calendar 2020 makes everyone able to see the big picture that is best for efficient time management. It comes in various designs and formats. It is easy to use and flawlessly execute the task within the twelve consecutive months in front of your eye. Render the opportunity to highlight important dates and plan events in advancement. Calendar For Year 2020 is easy to download, print, and share with others. I hope everyone would be able to get unique variation from portrait to landscape.

2020 Calendar Template
2020 Calendar Template

Details of Holidays in the year 2020

There is a number of holidays in Yearly 2020 Calendar, including national, federal, observance, and local celebrations. It is tough to mention all of them on this site. We recommend you to tap this button, for getting authentic details of holidays. We have listed ten paid federal holiday, which is compulsory for every year for a federal employee. Government offices, schools, and banks are closed on this holiday. As far as banks are concerned, they are licensed by the government and forced to off. As per the choice of holiday, plan a beautiful month to go on vacation and do entertaining and exciting activities.

List of Federal holidays in the year 2020

  • January 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day
  • January 20, Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • February 17 Monday Presidents’ Day
  • May 25 Monday Memorial Day
  • July 3 Friday Independence Day (Observance)
  • July 4 Saturday Thursday Independence Day
  • September 7 Monday Labor Day
  • October 12 Monday Columbus Day
  • November 11 Wednesday Veterans Day
  • November 26 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
  • December 25 Friday Christmas Day

Facts behind Celebration of New Year 2020

It is a federal holiday, celebrated by almost all countries that exist in the world. According to the Gregorian calendar, which was introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII, the first day of January is a new year. Before Gregorian and Julian calendar, we use the Roman calendar, which has only ten months and 304 days. People celebrate New Year in the company of friends and love ones for parties, firework, and parades.

New Year brings opportunities for people to learn from failures of the previous year and make a positive change ahead in the future. Every country and region has its own unique and traditional way of celebration. According to the country and region, anyone can take Printable Calendar 2020 and make a plan for the celebration of the New Year.

Printable 2020 Calendar
Printable 2020 Calendar

President Day

On February 17, 2020, president day celebrated in the USA to mark the birthday of famous president George Washington. Since 1880 it is observed every year the third Monday of February. Do you know who declared this day as a federal holiday? It was the congress that passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill. George Washington was the commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolution and the first president of the United States.

Washington is recognized in America as a beloved founding father. He has made many efforts to abolish slavery in America and believe in faith and justice toward all nations. Americans celebrated this day in many ways, like carved currency, statues, and portraits of the president.

As it is observed every third Monday of February, we provide the upcoming exact date of this holiday till 2020.

President’s Day Upcoming Year Dates

  • 2020 February 17, Monday
  • 2021 February 15, Monday
  • 2022 February 21, Monday
  • Day 2023 February 20, Monday
  • 2024 February 19, Monday
  • 2025 February 17, Monday

Labor Day

This holiday is being celebrated on the first Monday in September of every year after June 28, 1894, and President Grover Cleveland signed a law. Although it was first celebrated on September 5, 1882, the aim of celebrating this day is to tribute the contribution of the worker who did their best to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. Do you know who proposed the holiday for the worker? There are many answers to this question. Some believe that Peter J. McGuire American Federation of Labor, suggests first for this holiday, and some believe that Matthew Maguire, a machinist founded this holiday.

On this day, only labor has the right to a day off in America. Another worker, like a Police Officer, Firefighters, Doctor, Nurses, etc. are used to work as usual. It is a bank holiday, so the majority of the banks will be closed on this day. However, ATM and online banking services are available 24/7, only branch and head office will be closed. Moreover, The New York Stock Exchange and all other major U.S. markets are closed on Labor Day. To get more detailed and researched information about Labor Day visit this link.

Monthly Printable Calendars

January 2020 Calendar
February 2020 Calendar
March 2020 Calendar

Plan Year 2020 as an Ideal Year

If you are facing several issues in balancing work & life, including health, relationship, and financial areas, we strongly recommend using this Printable 2020 Calendar and making it an ideal year. It will help to make daily, weekly, and monthly plans as well as setting a goal. However, one thing needs to keep in mind that a calendar alone cannot achieve a dream. Follow a discipline with a commitment toward goal and target.

Begin this year with a commitment that I will achieve all my goals irrespective of the failure of the previous year. We are providing 2020 Calendar Template and hoping that it would help in gaining more results in this year. The template will work beautifully and assist on all fronts to get maximum results.

Through this 2020 Calendar, anyone can visualize things and write down anything they like to plan. This practice naturally motivates us to reach goals. The template is customizable and versatile that can be used for business and academic purposes.

2020 Calendar Printable
2020 Calendar Printable


The benefit of keeping a calendar is we don’t have to keep everything in mind as well as it helps us as assistants without speaking skills. Other platforms are also offering but most of them are charging. However, our 2020 Calendar Printable is perfect and affordable, as no one has to pay anything for it. Introduce this site to friends and relatives, so that they found a way to get an affordable planner. It is flexible and practically can be used for a variety of purposes like work, home, and family. We hope that we were to convey all the information regarding all the facts of this year through this article. Many thanks for coming.